Sex Sells – Lightbox Edition

This large scale 3D, 3 Flip lenticular flips between three states of Soho. All the lights blaring on, some of the lights have turned off, and then all of the lights are off revealing graffiti on the brick wall behind.

The revealing graffiti references different periods of time within Soho. The triangle references the gay attack on the Admiral Duncan pub, Madam JoJo was a famous drag revue bar, now gone. “We Never Clothed” references the Windmill theatre which famously never closed during the blitz. “Please leave quietly” references the increasing rents forcing people from their homes. There are further subtle graffiti images merged in the background of this incredible Artwork.

Lightbox Limited to just 15 pieces world wide the LED lightbox panel comes with all the regulatory certification along with valuation certification from Cloud Gallery. (overall size 155cm x 115cm)

Lenticular framed print Limited to just 50 pieces world wide.

Available exclusively through Cloud Gallery

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155cm x 115cm
Art Type
Lightbox Lenticular
Framed Lightbox
3D Flip Lenticular